Prior to allowing your guest to access their GuestPass account. You will need to enter property location amenities and house rules for each property in your account.

To do so, click on Website & Marketing > Guest Portal

Guest Portal General Settings

Guest Portal General Settings
  1. Drop down that will select your chosen language
  2. Press this button to store the selected language as it's default.
  3. Deletes the selected Language.
  4. Contact Google to generate Google Maps API key. Once Google has provided the API key, paste the code into the (Google Maps API Key) field.

House Rules

Under the House Rules tab is where you can enter the rules of the house, that you would like your guests to read to help avoid any bumps in the road before they occur.

To enter a rule:

  1. Select the correct property using the property drop down chooser
  2. Click on Add
  3. Enter Rule Tittle
  4. Enter rule details in the free from text drop down box
  5. Press Save


Location Amenities

To enter Location amenities,

  1. Select the Location Amenities tab
  2. Select the correct property using the property drop down chooser
  3. Click Add
  4. Enter location title
  5. Enter description of location
  6. Enter coordinate codes for the map location
  7. Enter Location URL
  8. Enter Location Link Placeholder. To do so, Insert text to display for the location URL, for example: "Vew Mall at Millenia Now."
  9. Enter Location Image URL
  10. Enter Embed Video Link from YouTube

Then Press Save at the top Right of the application.

Please repeat these steps for each property for entering house rules and property location amenities.

GuestPass Account

By default the system creates a GuestPass account for each guest in your system.

To give your guest access to their GuestPass account first go to:

Reservations & Quoting > Bookings Manager > Select the booking

Then from the panel on the right under the (General Tab:)

  1. Expand General Details dropdown menu
  2. Press the View button and this will open the Manage Person panel
  3. Expand the Guest Portal Account panel
  4. The username will always be the guest email address and your system automatically generates the password. To email your guest their login credentials click on Email to Guest.
GuestPass Account

Please view the GuestPass Videos below: