Main Menu & Sub Menus

The Main Menu is the top level navigation tool for all of CiiRUS's features. Each icon in the Main Menu brings you one or more Sub Menus containing the tools, features, and tables associated with your selection.

The Main Menu

CiiRUS makes it easy to navigate through the different features created for your management company. These areas can be found in the Main Menu at the top of the software window.

The Main Menu options and their associated Sub Menus are as follows:


The Dashboard is your all-in-one view screen, putting your most frequently used reports all in one place. You can view:

  • Booking information
  • Work orders
  • House keeping schedule
  • Pending Card Payments
  • Tutorials and videos on how to use CiiRUS Property Manager

Website & Marketing

Website & Marketing is where you can manage the front end of your business. Some features include:

  • Add, remove, or change the content of your website.
  • Adjust website settings.
  • Build your websites search engine optimization.
  • View Google Web Analytics data.

To learn more about Website & Marketing see the "Website & Marketing" Manual.

Website & Marketing

Owners & Homes

Owners & Homes is where you can edit your home and home owner details. Here you can:

  • Add & Configure new properties using the Property Assistant
  • Manage Owner Profiles and Permissions for the Owner Portal
  • Use Quick Property Set up to view/edit multiple settings within one screen
Owners & Homes

Management Company

Management Company is where you can view your Dashboard, which displays a wide range of information, including bookings, account details, and payment information. You will also find tools to help manage the daily activities typically performed by a management company, such as:

  • Fulfilling work orders, making housekeeping schedules, and creating inspection schedules.
  • Managing guests and leads in the CRM
  • Creating Email Templates and CRM rules to automate emails
  • Generating financial, bookkeeping, and occupancy reports

To learn more about Management Company see the "Management Company" Manual.

Management Company

Reservations & Quoting

Reservations & Quoting hosts the key features of the CiiRUS booking engine:

  • View current bookings as a list or in a calendar.
  • Make a new reservation or cancel a current booking
  • Process credit card payments or issue refunds
  • Set annual rental rates with custom date bands for high/low season prices and adjust tax settings.
  • Get a new quote and save it to view later.
  • Create additional booking services and discount codes

To learn more about Reservations & Quoting see the "Reservations & Quoting" Manual.

Reservations & Quoting

Accounting Functions

Accounting Functions is where you can keep track of financial information and generate the monthly owner statements:

  • Track money going in and out of home owner accounts, send reports, and print checks.
  • Process any recurring charges, cleaning fees, rental income and owner booking fees
  • Manage and process utility bill payments
  • Generate Tax Reports

To learn more about Accounting Functions see the "Accounting Functions" Manual.

Accounting Functions

Account Settings

Account Settings is where you can configure your system settings including:

  • Configure company settings, global settings, and owner account settings using the Software Settings Assistant
  • Edit your personal account information.
  • Add or change your credit card information.
  • Add new staff members through SecureTrack and track what each user is doing in the system

To learn more about Account Settings see the "Account Settings" Manual.

Account Settings

Support & Documentation

Support & Documentation offers short-cuts to the following:  

  • View the CiiRUS documentation for written steps on each module and all features of the system
  • Submit a ticket via our support desk to our Technical Support Agents
  • Watch tutorial videos on how to use the CiiRUS software.
  • Contact us directly by phone or email address

To learn more about Support & Documentation see the "Support & Documentation" Manual.

Training Videos

A pop-up window will open with a breakdown of each Training Session and the corresponding training tutorials. We recommend watching each tutorial and completing the tasks from each session.