About Status Bar

The Status Bar can be found across the bottom of your CiiRUS screen.

Status Bar Features

The Status Bar can display certain data about your account and has some interactive features.

Bellow is a list of attributes of the status bar:

  1. Property Information: displays the owner and property ID of the currently selected property.
  2. CiiRUS Skin: allows you to change the over-all appearance of your CiiRUS display. Skins include: Coffee, Glass Oceans, Liquid Sky, and many others.
  3. Number of Properties: displays the total number of properties added to your CiiRUS account.
  4. Save Data Progress Bar: shows you CiiRUS's progress when saving changes to the server. When complete, the bar will be full and say " All data saved" next to it.
  5. View Website: clicking on this button will bring you to the home page of your website using your default web browser.
  6. View Media Player: clicking this button brings you to a web page where you can view virtual tours and other media up loaded to CiiRUS.