Drop Down Property Chooser

Many features of CiiRUS allow you to view and change information about a specific home. The following will go over how to select the home you wish to change or know more about.

About the Property Drop-Down Chooser

The property chooser bar will appear in every window of CiiRUS and consists of three features:

  1. Property Chooser Drop Down Table: Here a table will appear listing all of the homes in your inventory.
  2. Four Square Icon: Clicking this button will open a dropdown menu to show Deleted Properties, view brief owner/property information, view the selected property details page on your website, copy the selected property, or delete the selected property.
  3. Save Button: Clicking this button saves all data including any changes made to the property. We recommend clicking save after making any changes so all changes reflect for all users in real time.

The Property Chooser Drop Down Table