Property Chooser Tab

Another way to sort through and select properties is with the Property Chooser tab.

About the Property Chooser tab.

The Property Chooser tab can be found on the upper right of your CiiRUS screen.

Opening Property Chooser tab

Clicking the Tab:

  • Click on the Property Chooser tab to open your inventory. Clicking away from the property chooser will close the table.

Sliding the Cursor:

  • Sliding your cursor over the tab will open the table without having to click on the tab. Sliding the cursor off the table closes the property chooser automatically.

Docking the Property Chooser tab

  • With the Property Chooser tab open, you will see a thumb tack icon in the upper right hand corner on the table
  • Clicking on the Dock button "docks" the table to the screen
  • The docked table will stay in view as you navigate through CiiRUS.
  • Drag & Drop the Property Chooser table anywhere on the screen
  • Drag & Drop the Property Chooser table on to the Chevron button to return it to it's default location
  • Click the thumb tack button again to un-dock the Property Chooser table.