About Tables

You will find tables all throughout CiiRUS. These tables are a neat and convenient way to display, sort, search for, and enter data.

Table Components

Tables in CiiRUS are typically made up of these key components:

  1. Rows list data associated with a particular record horizontal. A record is a set of data associated with a particular person, place, item, or point in time. For example: a person's name, departure and arrival dates, and location would be considered a record or part of a record for a particular booking.  
  2. Columns list data of a specific category vertically. At the top you'll see the column title or category, and columns can be added, removed, reordered, and re-sized (for more see User Interface > Tables > Adding / Removing Columns).
  3. Scroll Bar allows you to browse up and down the rows in the table. Some tables will have a scroll bar on the bottom that will let you scroll across the columns.
  4. Data Fields are the individual cells that hold a single piece of data, such as a date or a first name.
  5. Search Filters are the blank spaces found at the top of the columns. Not all tables used in CiiRUS will feature this kind of filter (for more see User Interface > Tables > Search & Filters).
  6. Table Functions are features sometimes found below the table and are used for various tasks depending on the table.

Types of Tables

As you navigate through CiiRUS, you'll notice different types of tables:

  1. Full Tables with Search Filters, like the one shown above, allow you to make changes to data fields and feature search filters to help find and narrow down particular data entries.
  2. Display Tables typically do not feature search filters. These tables list relevant information but tend to not let you edit data fields or only allow select options from drop down menus and check boxes within the fields. Some display tables will allow you edit data fields by double-clicking on the data field you wish to change, bringing you to the associated Full Table.
  3. Drop Down Tables, like the one used in the Property Chooser, are display only, meaning data fields cannot be edited and feature search filters. Columns can be added, removed, reordered, and re-sized.
  4. The Timeline Table is a unique type of table most readily found on your dashboard. Your timeline displays your property inventory as rows, specific dates as column, and displays a record of the properties' bookings. The timeline table is a key component of CiiRUS's AOA (Allocate on Arrival), which allows you to slide a particular booking up or down to different properties that suit the guests' needs.
Types of Tables