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CRM (Customer Relationship Manager) Overview

The CRM manages guests, records guest history, contains an online communication portal (can also be used as an online check in) where you can create and send mailing campaigns with email tracking


CRM / Email Automation & Guest Portal

Below are the features included in this release of CRM:

CRM Video Tutorial and CRM  Features Overview

Manage People

Manage Contact Screen

  • Search for guests
  • Merge guests to one contact for guests with multiple entries
  • Search for 'Sounds Like' feature
  • View all reservations for a guest
  • View/Comment communication history
  • Notes Screen
  • Auto Tidy Address from combined address
  • Manage marketing categories. Add marketing category type to a contact
  • Add new lead directly from CRM
  • Set Username and Password for online Guest Portal
  • Import leads into CRM from and external leads list
  • Template spreadsheet download provided
  • Import leads to a specified marketing category

Emailers and Rules

Mailers and Rules

Email automation is triggered by sets of rules created in the Mailers and Rules screen. This screen is used to create rules, the rules will trigger the email template created in the template editor to be sent to users that match the specified criteria set by the rules. Below are some example automated email (vitually any combination of rules can be set):

  • Send an email to all guests that stayed last July and booked BBQ rental and Pool heating
  • Send an email 5 days prior to arrival and another 1 day prior to arrival with lock box information, welcome email on day of arrival, request review 1 day post arrival
  • Create automated quote and resend every 3 days
  • Send automated email every 2 days until paid in full
  • Send email to all previous guests that stayed in a town home and ordered a welcome pack that stayed February and March of last year


Contact Manager

  • Add contacts
  • Browse contacts
  • Edit contact information
  • Multi-View

Newsletters and Templates

Email Template Creator/Editor

Automated email templates are created in the template editor. Templates are created using a combination of text, images and tags. A tag is used as a placeholder to define actual information.

For example the tag [guestname] would display the actual name of the guest when the email is sent to the user from the CRM. Over 40 tags are available, the combination allows near any type of email to be created and distributed to targeted users.

Online Guest Portal

The Online Guest Portal allows your company to directly communicate in real-time with your guests. Guests can view via web browser application that can be accessed from a cell phone, tablet, desktop computer or other mobile device.

Development will continue throughout 2015 - 2016 . We will add more functionality based on user feedback. At this time the following features are available. Guests can:

  • View all reservations made with your Company
  • Details of the home including photos, amenities
  • Trip details (arrive/depart, booking info, location info etc..)
  • Payment information and the ability to make payments against bookings
  • Contact Manager/Agent
  • Map