Importing Contacts

When a reservation is made the contact is automatically added to the CRM. New Sales leads or other contacts can also be imported directly to the CRM. These leads can be used for email marketing campaigns. Download available Excel file with preset columns to help import the new contacts.

Import Leads Screen

Import Leads Screen

1. Get Templates

To import leads into your account, download the Excel Template by pressing the Get Template button. Open the template in Excel, open the document containing your records, copy each corresponding column to the downloaded template file. Once all the corresponding columns have been copied to the template, save the template to your computer then proceed to step 2

2. Open the saved template file

Once step 1 above has been completed, press the Open button to locate the template file you have saved to your computer

3. Setting the category for the import batch

It is recommended to set a name for each batch of imported records, you can also set an existing category type to the imported records. For Example; 300 sales leads have been purchased from company a company called the leads are imported and a new category was made named: , after a few months another 200 leads are purchased from, when importing the second batch can be selected from the drop down menu. This will set the category of the second batch to

To add a new category or to Edit an existing category press the Edit button

4. Importing the leads

To import the leads, press the Begin Import button. The progress bar with indicate the number of records imported.