Emailers and Rules

The Emails and Rules screen is where email campaigns are added and configured. This screen also sets the rules for the recipients and the events that trigger the emails. Below are just a few examples. The combination of conditions to trigger emails or email campaigns are near limitless. These can be configured to output emails based on conditions set by your organization.

  • Send a previous guest a come and stay with us for your birthday email 3 weeks prior to birthday
  • Send a happy anniversary
  • Send a guest a follow-up survey x days after stay
  • Send all bookings from HomeAway (Category) a welcome email
  • Send a guest login info for their guest portal x days prior to arrival
  • Send alternative confirmation emails based on the agents that made the reservation
  • Send an email to a guest when a certain type of Extra has been booked via an agent (category type) or XML/API connection
  • So it would let that staff member know to put the welcome pack the guest purchased in a home if the guest booked via the website or whatever
  • Post Departure surveys
  • Send different tips and videos (youtube embed) to guests prior to arrival and on different days while checked in
  • Send guests a video 3 days prior to arrival on how to access their mobile guest app (Guest Portal)

The conditions panel may display different data depending on the Mailer Type

Confirmation email condition screen

To Add a mailer press the Add button (1) and set a name for your mailer. Select the Category (2) for the mailer then use the Right Panels (4) to set the recipients and rules

To copy a mailer press the Copy (3) button and set a new name for the new mailer

To Select the Template press (4) the Edit button

Sends Mailer 28 days before birthday