Newsletters and Templates

Email Templates can be created, stored and sent directly from the software. The Templates are used to send personalized emails to selected guests, owners, staff and sales leads. A software feature of the CRM would use the template to automatically send specific emails to a selected a group of individuals when certain conditions are met.

Some of these would include:

  • Booking confirmation emails
  • Arrival Departure
  • Quotes
  • Emails blasts to your homeowners or staff
  • Marketing emails activated by the CRM feature
  • Customer confirmation emails activated by the CRM feature
  • Mailing campaigns activated by the CRM feature

Over 100 tags can be used and inserted into any template

Quick create and send an email blast

1. To Create A New Template

2.To Edit Existing Templates

3. Send A Test Email of that template to ensure it looks correct before sending it to your clients

4. Send the selected newsletter email to the distribution list

5. Create Default template

6. Delete The Highlighted Template


Note: If the template is intended for the CRM only step 1 and 2 are required. The CRM takes care of the selecting and email scheduling.