Understanding SuperSites


Ciirus SuperSite Technology :

The SuperSite technology is unique to Ciirus. A SuperSite is a second or third website that can be used for various situations. For example:

  • A second or third website in another language
  • You manage a group of homes in a resort and would like a website dedicated to these homes
  • You work closely with a travel agent and would like to provide a website for the agent

This feature allows selected homes you manage to be routed to the SuperSite. Each home can have an alternative rate set and an alternative description sent to the SuperSite.

External homes (managed by other Property Managers or Agents) to be visible on your website. Each external (borrowed) homes can receive an alternative description and rate set. Sales are tracked by SuperSite, agent, net price, commissions and sale price (available on screen and via various reporting tools).

Ciirus is able to make available thousands of homes to Agents and Property Managers that require more homes for distribution purposes with commissions structures already in place. Select the homes and type of homes, and we will route these homes directly to your SuperSite.