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What is the Difference between Calendar Sync and SuperSites?

Calendar Sync with External Homes:

Calendar Sync allows an account that distributes homes for another Property Manager to sync the calendars when a booking is placed. This feature has advantages over our SuperSite services, where most rules are set by the Property Manager before being sent to your website or external feed.

With calendar sync, the home is actually copied to the agent account. This enables the agent to have complete control of the reservation and the reservation process, as it is not forcing the rules set by the master account Property Manager, only the calendar is forced. Note: the agent should understand and agree rules with the Property Manager before setting new rules and going live. When a booking is placed, all connected calendars are updated in real-time. Homes can be sent and received from multiple Property Manager accounts.

SuperSite Technology:

CiiRUS is the creator of the SuperSite technology.

This technology allow a Property Manager to send selected homes to either a second website, an external feed, or another account on the CiiRUS network (not necessarily owned by you). Below are some example uses for a SuperSite:

  1. Your main website is in English, and you would like a second website in Portuguese and a third in Spanish. You could send selected homes to each site, each with a different description and alternative pricing (rate set).
  2. A number of homes are located in one resort and would like a website that only displays homes for the selected resort. Only homes located in the resort will display.
  3. You work closely with a travel agent and would like to provide them a website with your homes. Selected homes can be routed, discounted pricing sent, alternative description sets sent (the Property Manager is in control of what is sent to the remote website and how the data is used).

In all of the above situations, track buy rate, sell rate, commissions and source information can be viewed in various reports to create invoices, etc.