How Do I Configure a Description?

To configure a new description set, open your CiiRUS software and select the property you wish to configure a description for. Go to >Owners & Homes > Descriptions. Click on "Add New Set" and fill in as many fields as you can. Mainly, the 'Set Name' (required), the 'Headline,' the 'Property Title,' and the 'Bullet Points.' You can then begin designing page, starting from the 'Overview' section. The large design panel is for web-based content, and we have both 'what-you-see-is-what-you-get' (WYSIWYG) edit modes and HTML edit modes, which can be toggled in the bottom left corner of the design window.  

New description sections can be added by clicking the 'Plus' icon, and sections can be recorded using the arrow buttons on the right. When designing your description set, we recommend using 'tokens,' which automatically populate the page with information specific to that property. For example, using the token [legend], your property feature icons will automatically be placed on the page. A complete list of description tokens can be found here in our online documentation: