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How Do I Enable a SuperSite Property (Agent/MC)?

If you are an agent, go to >>Reservations & Quoting > SuperSites and click on the ‘Configure properties from your suppliers’ tab. From the drop down list at the top of this panel, select the Management Company whose units you wish to enable. If the manager has configured the properties correctly, a list of their units should appear in the table. If no units appear, contact the supplying property manager and request that they enable the property on their end. With the properties in the table, determine your commission by entering either a ‘Daily Markup’ or a ‘Multiplication Factor.’ The Daily Markup will add the amount entered to the daily rate being supplied. For example, if you enter $20 in the field next to the property, you will receive $20 for every night you book for that unit. The Multiplication Factor will allow you to scale the supplied rate by some percentage. ‘1.00’ is the default setting and it means that the rate showing on the website is 100% of the supplied rate. If your commission is 15%, then enter ‘1.15’ in the field next to each property. For 25%, enter ‘1.25’ and so on. Be careful not to enter a value lower than ‘1.00’ as this will calculate the financials to show that you owe the supplier for the reservation.