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How Do I Set-up Locations in an Account?

To set-up locations, go to >>Website & Marketing > General Settings, click on the ‘Advanced Settings’ tab and then the ‘Location Editor’ tab underneath.

To create a location that guests can search by on your website, first determine the location to be added by using the drop-down list in the upper-left corner of the Location Editor panel.

When determining the location, you can be as broad as to only search by the Country/Continent or narrow down the list of properties to those that belong to a specific Location/Community. When you have selected your location, click on the ‘page/plus’ icon next to the Country / Continent,’ ‘State / Country,’ ‘City / Region,’ or ‘Location / Community’ you would like to add.

Note: icons at the top add a broad location, while the icons lower down add a more specific location.

After clicking the desired ’page/plus’ icon, a pop-up will appear with the default location structure filled out. Feel free to overwrite this and enter the location name as you would like it to display on the website search facility. For example, “USA -> Florida -> Central Florida -> Aviana Resort” should more ideally be relabeled to “Aviana Resort” or if you operate out of state, “Florida, Aviana Resort.”  

Once the location is added to the table below, you can select the location, and begin entering content into the ‘Search Page Location Description’ and ‘Location Summary’ fields to the right. This content will help SEO as well as provide useful information to potential guests.