How do I Use Featured Properties?

Featured properties is a way of selecting up to 6 individual properties to advertise as “Featured Properties” on your website. To set your list of featured properties go to >>Website & Marketing > General Settings, and click on the Featured Properties tab.

In the six drop down boxes on the left hand side of the panel, select a property that you would like to be your first featured property at the top next to Featured Property 1. Continue down to the other drop down boxes until the desired number of featured properties have been selected. The plain text field to the right is where you would write the HTML code for the featured property template. This template is a container that has the thumbnail image and basic property details that the potential guest can read before selecting the property. When embedding the Featured Property templates on the website, placing the tokens [fp1] through [fp6] in the code will place the respective featured property within the template onto that page.

To remove a featured property, click the Clear button next to the property you wish to remove.