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Comparing CiiRUS Based Web Development and 3rd party XML Integration

CiiRUS is a very flexible system that allows both the development onto the platform itself using integrated tools, and connect to a 3rd party website via XML API. In most cases, CiiRUS bases web development is highly recommended over any sort of 3rd party connection, however there are some cases where building an XML to a 3 party system is preferred.

Benefits and Considerations of CiiRUS Based Web Development

Your CiiRUS platform comes with it website hosting and panels where web pages can be developed. The panels are full HTML editors, and so it is an extremely flexible system that allows for full custom development. In addition to flexible website design, front to back-end functionality is extremely robust and seamless. There are also development features tailored to property listings, such as the ability to set a global property page template for any number of properties, and tokenization that dynamically populates listings with property specific information. CiiRUS development team members are expert at building sites on our platform and website hosting is included with your subscription cost.

There are some limitations that should be considered when hosting your website on the CiiRUS platform. One example is the source of inventory you wish to list. While our network is vast with over 13,000 units and growing, there may be other suppliers you wish to work with that are not on our system. This can be overcome by hosting the inventory in your system and giving the supply log-ins to update their calendars. This does of course leave the element of human error as calendars have to manually update. Another consideration is the use of PHP over HTML. CiiRUS will have a WordPress widgets very soon that will allow you to build such a site that will connect to CiiRUS, but do note that the CiiRUS back end only allows for HTML.

Benefits and Considerations of 3rd Party Integration via XML API

With the right development resources on hand, building an XML API to a 3rd party website is certainly a viable solution. The CiiRUS 2-way XML feed is an extremely flexible system with calls for nearly any booking or content related operation. Development of a 3rd party integration solution gives you more flexibility and control. In theory you should be able to connect your CiiRUS reservation engine and channel manager to any external booking or listing system with a compatible API solution. Your company would also have more control over website design, and you would only be limited to your development resources.

There are some elements of the CiiRUS program that would no long function or be of use if you decide to go with API development. For example, the SEO tools that are built into the system will only work on CiiRUS hosted sites. In addition, property page tokens that populate the property page templates dynamically from your CiiRUS CMS will only work on CiiRUS hosted pages.

Finally, building to external systems also limit the amount of support we can provide to your website. Newly purchased XML feeds include the 1st hour of professional support from our development team. Any additional XML support required is chargeable at $100/hour (standard software support is still included in your subscription price at no extra charge).