What is moved in an Account Merger

1) Contacts (Vendors)

       a. Underscore is added to the front of “File as…” value.

2) Tax Rate Regions

       a. Underscore is added to front of Tax Location name.

3) Terms & Conditions

       a. Underscore is added to the Terms & Conditions name.

4) Owners and Owner Data

5) Properties and Property Data

       a. Description Sets Migrate with Properties.

6) Access Control Users and Settings

7) Reservations

8) Guest Contact Details

9) Booking Action History

10) Booking Categories

11) Booking Requirements

12) Guest Payments Against the Booking

13) Cart Extras

14) Payment Methods

15) Credit Card Payments

16) Rate Sets

17) iOS Image Uploads

18) Owner Account Categories

19) Owner Accounts

20) Recurring Payment Settings

21) Bills & Assets

22) SuperSite Agent Settings