CRM Balance Due Reminder

The CiiRUS Resource Team has provided a collection of CRM automatic emails that you can reference, or use as examples as you are setting up your CRM emails.


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How to Configure 'Balance Due Reminder'

  1. Go to Management Company
  2. Under the CRM Manage People dropdown, select: Newsletters & Templates
  1. Press the New Template button
  2. Enter Description > Email Subject
  3. Under the Category Dropdownn Menu select CRM Template
  4. Press Add

Specifying the Rules

Once you have created the e mail template, you can now proceed with specifying the rules.

To specify the rules, go to:

  1. Management Company
  2. Mailers & Rules
  3. Press the Add button.  
  4. Enter the Mailer name or description for you to identify each type for mailer
  5. Click Ok

Applying the parameters for the selected mailer

Now we can apply the parameters for the selected mailer,Balance Due Reminder

  1. Reply to Email:  Once the guest receives the email, enter the email address you would like the guest to respond to. If blank, the guest will reply to the default email stored in the system
  2. Select the CRM template that you have created for the 'Balance Due Reminder' email
  3. To preview or edit the template, click on Edit
  4. Re-process period: Since the 'Balance Due Reminder' email applies to each reservation in the system, specify "Continuous" in the dropdown menu
  5. Mailer Type: Specify Reservation/Quote and Transactional
  6. Apply to: Specify 'Reservations only' and select 'Active'
  7. Select who to send this email to. In this case, the "Balance Due Reminder"email will be sent to the Guest.
  8. Send:  When would you like the system to send this mailer? Since this is the "Balance Due Reminder" email, we could specify "2 days > before > Balance Due" date
  9. Paid Status: Specify 'Payment Outstanding' for the paid status.
  10. Booking categories: Do you want the "Balance Due Reminder" email to go out for all bookings regardless of the category? If not, uncheck to specify which booking categories this mailer applies to
  11. Properties: Would you like this mailer to apply to all properties in your system? If not, uncheck the properties button and select the properties this mailer applies to
  12. After applying the correct parameters based on the selected CRM template, check the 'Mailer Enabled' box to activate. Once a reservation or property has met the set requirements, the system will automatically disburse the emailers.


Click on Stats to view how many emailers were sent, when the mailer was created, and how many customers have read the email. To see further metrics, please login to your Mandrill account.