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How to Uninstall / Reinstall CiiRUS

If you are experiencing issues accessing the system, you may need to uninstall and then reinstall the CiiRUS  software


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How to Uninstall CiiRUS

To Uninstall CiiRUS Go to the Control Panel:

  1. In the Windows search, type in Add or Remove Programs
  2. Locate CiiRUS Property Manager
  3. Click  and Select Uninstall

Reinstalling CiiRUS

Once CiiRUS is uninstalled, you will need to reinstall the CiiRUS Property Manager onto your computer

To do this:

  1. Go to in your browser to open the CiiRUS download page
  2. Click on the Download link
  3. Press, Save File
  4. Save in to a location on your computer, for example, downloads folder
  5. Then go to Downloads from your browser, (Please note: The downloads button will be in a different location in other browsers)
  6. Select Property Manager Setup.exe
  7. Press Run

Installing the Software

When the CiiRUS installation splash screen opens, Install by following the Installation procedure


Opening CiiRUS

To Open CiiRUS, you can either double click on the CiiRUS icon shortcut on your desktop, or single click on the CiiRUS Icon on your Taskbar

Logging in to CiiRUS

You can then open up Ciirus and log in with your system credentials.