Pay Owner Checks

Homeowners can be paid directly from the software. The amounts entered to the owner statements and owner checks can be printed.


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How to Print a Check to the Owner

To Print a check to the owner, go to:

  1. Accounting Functions
  2. Bill Payments
  3. Then on the Bottom Bar, Click on 'Pay Owner Checks'


  1. Any owners where payment is owed to the owner, will automatically be selected and bolded,
  2. Or the Pay Owners screen can be filtered manually by selecting the check boxes from the first X column ,
  3. Or by selecting  $>0 button (Dollar Greater than Zero)
  4. Select All button
  5. Set the Use Balance From either Today or using amounts from the Last Closed Month
  6. Press Refresh to update the screen.
  7. Enter the first Check Number to print in the Auto-number Checks box and
  8. Select if the check number should be printed on the check
  9. Press Print to print the checks and to mark as paid

If the Amount to Pay amount is different from the Owed to Owner amount, click inside the Amount to Pay cell and update the amount